971INTERNATIONAL S.R.O Established in the heart of Europe, in the enchanting & vibrant city of Prague, in Czech Republic 971interational s.r.o stands as a dynamic and multifaceted entity poised offering a diverse range of activity & services authorized under Identification No. 19404077 We specialize in the art of seamless trade facilitation, providing a vital bridge between buyers and sellers across various industries. Our global experience empower us to deliver strategic insights, giving our clients a distinct competitive advantage.
At [ 971international s.r.o ], we believe in a future defined by innovation, collaboration, and excellence.
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white and green bus on road near building during daytime
white and green bus on road near building during daytime


To provide exceptional trade facilitation services that bridge the gap between buyers and sellers across diverse industries, leveraging our global experience to deliver strategic insights and empower our clients with a distinct competitive advantage.


To be recognized as a leading facilitator of seamless trade, renowned for our innovative approaches, collaborative partnerships, and commitment to excellence, globally.


Bayazid is likely responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company, overseeing its operations, and driving growth initiatives. Since 971MEDIA LLC is associated with 971international s.r.o, it's reasonable to assume that Bayazid is involved in media-related activities, possibly specializing in areas such as marketing, advertising, or digital media. Additionally, as a CEO, Lio Baiazid
( Mohamad Alaa Baiazid ) likely plays a key role in building partnerships, managing client relationships, and ensuring the overall success of the company.


Founder & CEO


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